This page contains the virtual museum (version 1) in 3D. To travel in it, you need to install a VRML viewer in your browser (unless you have one already), you can use Cortona VRML client (Free and available for Windows and Mac), which is very quick and easy to install and can be also used for powerpoint presentations.

  • The "Cardiac Virtual Museum", includes various galleries you can tour like: the human atria and the dog ventrcles exhibits.
  • This is version 1.0 (which is smaller than Version 2.0) we sugest that you first visit this before loading the larger museum version 2.0

    Click here to go

    (It may take a few seconds to fully load, depending on your connection).
    Best viewed with Internet explorer and Cortona vrml viewer If you use other browsers such as netscape, or opera, some things may not be well displayed