Excitable Media and Cardiac Dynamics Java Applets

Java applets in 0-, 1-, 2- and 3-D
I'm 3D! Click me and
rotate me with the mouse!
This applet section originated in 1998; applets are being added every now and then as we are trying to write a book.
We have made all 0,1 and 2D applets open source under the GNU public license for free software,
If you want the source code of any of these applets, please send us an e-mail fhf3@cornell.edu
For a review, and further examples with some of these applets download this file
The file also explains how to combine Fortran and C with JAVA.

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Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmias

Was awarded honorable mention in the interactive media category of the 2006 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge created by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the journal Science.
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