a: 0.5 increment:
b: 0.04 increment:
epsilon: 0.02 increment:
frame rate throttle: 60 increment:
framerate: 57fps

Barkley's model of an excitable medium

The script starts with a = 0.5, b = 0.04, ε = 0.02. 8 bit floating point values (in RGBA textures) are not enough, therefore floating numbers are stored broken in two cells (bytes).

Based on: Simulations on GPU

[1] Dwight Barkley "A model for fast computer simulation of waves in excitable media" Physica D 49 (1991) 61-70
[2] M.Dowle, R.M.Mantel and D.Barkley "Fast simulations of waves in three-dimensional excitable media" Int. Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol. 7, No. 11 (1997) 2529-2545