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    Elizabeth Cherry and Flavio Fenton


    Sections of this website have been possible in part thanks to the following grants.

    * NSF (Dynamical Systems Program): “Nonlinear Dynamics and Bifurcations in Cardiac Tissue” #0800793. 09/01/08 – 08/31/11 FH Fenton (PI), EM Cherry (Co-PI)

    * NSF (BRIGE): “Contribution of Purkinje Fiber Dynamics to Ventricular Fibrillation” #0824399 08/15/08 – 07/31/10 EM Cherry (PI)

    * NIH-NHLBI: “Computer Model of the Canine Ventricle”. HL075515-03S and -04S 03/01/06 –11/30/08 FH Fenton (PI)

    * NRSA: “The Role of Anatomical Structure in Ventricular and Atrial Arrhythmias”. MCB010053P. 01/01/02 –12/31/08 EM Cherry and FH Fenton (PIs)

    * Pittsburgh NMR Center for Biomedical Research. “Cardiac anatomy reconstruction from MRI images” 01/04/07 – FH Fenton (PI)

    * Cornell University. “Interactive Models for Cardiovascular Medicine”. Faculty Innovation in Teaching Awards. 06/01/06 – 05/30/07 FH Fenton, EM Cherry, and MS Kraus (PIs )